Promoting safe and
secure UK retail

SaferShops is a membership scheme for e-commerce websites and online shops. Look out for our logo when shopping online!

Designed to benefit everyone

For buyers

SaferShops member businesses focus on creating an excellent service experience.

✓ Shop with confidence
✓ Security and privacy
✓ Save time and hassle

For sellers

Profitable sales begin with building trust, both before and after a transaction.

✓ Inspire confidence
✓ Improve marketing return
✓ Reduce checkout drop-offs

For the industry

Successful transactions mean better economy and business for all.

Who are we?

Specialists in secure and
compliant e-commerce solutions

SaferShops is based in Edinburgh, UK and is managed by a group of e-commerce consultants and developers. With many years of experience in the space, we’re ideally placed to promote safe and secure retail solutions.

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