5 Emerging Trends in Online Shopping

The new year of 2019 is already looking to be rather an interesting one, particularly in the world of online shopping, online ordering and e-commerce!

Keeping in mind that it’s better to be in the know and getting prepared for upcoming innovation as theses trends become more and more commonplace, in this article let’s have a look at 5 emerging trends in online shopping.

Mobile Payment Methods

Since the emergence of Apple Pay and Android Pay in 2014 and 2015 respectively, it’s becoming increasingly popular to make payments both online and in-store using these mobile payment apps. With more customers installing these apps to make payments easier, faster and more secure, it’s vital that your online ordering system is geared up for these payment methods.

Thankfully, with many payment providers these days, your online ordering store can be Apple/Android Pay ready!

Merging Online and In-store

Customers are increasingly expecting the lines between their online and in-store experiences to be blurred. It’s now commonplace to be able to order online, and collect in store at a convenient date/time. More so in the larger supermarkets and with larger online retailers, but why not start offering this service and compete?

There is clearly a demand by the general population for Click and Collect, so start satisfying this with your own online ordering service, and hold onto the business that might otherwise slip away to larger competitors, by competing in all areas!

Increased Focus on Mobile Ordering

You might be tired of hearing how crucial mobile browsing is, however it’s really important to ensure your business is 100% ready for mobile ordering – mobile shopping is only getting more popular, and recently surpassed desktop and tablet shopping. And it’s only set to increase! At this point in time, it certainly seems like mobile will fast become the main device of choice for online ordering, and in some cases it is already.

Happily, with many e-commerce platforms, your mobile ordering experience will be as slick as possible, and Progressive Mobile Ordering Apps are becoming ever popular.

Video as a Digital Marketing Tool

More and more, we’re seeing brands and online retailers focussing on video content, to help increase their engagement and boost their online sales. Content such as how-to videos, product videos etc (particularly in retail) can improve your return on investment, as well as increasing trust in your products and your brand.

It’s pretty quick these days to set up a YouTube channel and make a video using your mobile phone. If you can, it’s a sensible idea to invest a little time or money in good video content for your online store.

Same Day Delivery or Collection

It’s crucial that you be aware of the increasing popularity of same or next day delivery/collection services offered by the likes of Amazon. Prime appears to have set a standard now, and it seems like more and more consumers are expecting a very swift collection or delivery service.

Thus it’s important to spend some time working out the logistics of same/next day delivery or collection of your products.

Amongst all of these, building trust with visitors is paramount, especially when it comes to e-commerce and online ordering. At SaferShops, we aim to help online shops build trust with customers – inspiring confidence, reducing friction and above all, facilitating a better shopping experience for everyone.

That just about wraps up our look at some emerging trends in online shopping. We hope this helps in your search for ways to grow your business, and if there’s anything you think we left out, why not let us know in the comments below?

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